Accessories and installation hardware

Accessories and installation hardware

The prerequisites for a durable roof system are careful selection of various high-quality roof components and their functional compatibility. A roof consists of more than just roof trusses. Everything from screws to battens is important, with each component being an essential factor in the safety and durability of the structure.

Tenter’s accessories and installation hardware products are both functional and durable. Our roof construction materials and solutions ensure maximum convenience and safety during use.


ABR angle brackets are used for fixing roof trusses to the wall top plate.

These mounting brackets must always have a centre-line or edge reinforcement.

The brackets are fixed in place using special angle screws or angle nails.


The BSN joist shoe is used for connecting secondary beams to main beams/trusses.

The BSN joist shoe can also be used for loading double trusses.


The L170 connector bracket is used for joining cross-beams together.

The bracket receives horizontal forces from the trusses.

Two or four (installed on the left and right) L170 connector brackets should be used, depending on the load.


Angle bracket for joining timber trusses together.

Used to fasten various trusses on a sloped roof.

The angle bracket is galvanised. Be sure to use all of the specified fasteners.


Roof underlay and waterproof wind barrier membrane for walls. Ideal for covering the roof with wind and water resistance.

Technical specifications:

Wall 120 TOP SK 1.5 x 50 m

  • Microporous functional film
  • UV resistance for 3 months
  • Temperature tolerance between -40 and +100 degrees
  • Material weight 120 g/m²
  • 10-year warranty