Tenter OÜ is the largest producer of roof trusses and Posi-Joist beams in the Baltics. We create durable solutions from real timber for a valuable and sustainable living environment. The secret to our rapid growth and development has been working purposefully and with dedication towards our goals every day. We aim for nothing less than to become an industry leader.

The three central principles we follow in our daily operations are:

quality: striving for perfection as effectively as possible;

quantity: constantly seeking to increase our output through practice, experience, and ever-expanding innovation-enabled capabilities;

co-operative style: interacting pleasantly and sympathetically with partners, colleagues, and society, inspiring everyone to work together.

Being the market leader in our industry in the Baltics is both a daily challenge and an honour for us! The high quality of our operations and products is rooted in our having a team of skilled and motivated employees, a dedicated design department, and modern production equipment. You can count on us to always be a reliable and trustworthy partner!

We began operations in 2014. Today, we have become the largest, the most important, and the go-to roof truss manufacturer in the Baltics. In addition to various types of roof trusses, we manufacture timber beams (Posi-Joist, i.e. combined timber and metal beams), wall frame elements, glulam beams, and formwork and shuttering for concrete structures.


Factory-made trusses and intermediate floor beams are designed specifically for the loads of your building (dead load, live load, wind, snow) and dimensioned accordingly. This uses less material than on-site construction and brings the installation time down several times over, thereby saving both time and money.


Our production operations are carried on an millimetre-precise automatic sawing line and three pressing lines that are on of a kind in Estonia. Production takes place on a pressing table which provides considerable efficiency. Maximum output quality is guaranteed by a one-of-a-kind laser system in the Baltics, which projects the final outline of the product on the production table.


Our team consists of motivated specialists who have received extensive training. Every element, module, part, and structure created by us has been carefully designed, manufactured, and subsequently inspected to ensure the best results. All of our products are made in a factory. This offers a better working environment for the builder than on-site production ever could, which means a cleaner and higher-quality end result.

Our mission

We aim to offer a wide range of high-quality combined timber and metal beam-based building structures that are fast and easy to install, saving the customer both time and money.


To become the most trusted and number one, go-to partner in Estonia in the field of trusses and combined timber and metal beams (Posi-Joist beams) by 2022.



We started out manufacturing and distributing sawn timber.


We started out manufacturing and distributing timber element houses.


At the beginning of the year, we acquired a special Posi-Joist beam pressing line and shifted our focus to designing and manufacturing timber structures.

We purchased our first roof truss production line and started designing and manufacturing roof trusses. We affixed the CE marking to our products in accordance with EN 14250:2010.


In spring, we opened a sales branch in Latvia (Riga), with production taking place in Estonia.

In September, we opened a roof truss manufacturing plant in Latvia (Raunas).


We are looking upon 2022 with confidence and great ambitions for growth.

We are expanding our production facilities in Estonia.

We are increasing our production volume by 2.5 times compared to 2021.

We have expanded our product range thanks to the glulam beam production line.

In March 2022, we opened a production facility in Lithuania for manufacturing roof trusses, Posi-Joist beams, and wall frames.